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The AW technology detector test tunnels are the result of over 25 years of designing and operating this type of equipment. We have a great deal of experience designing fire detectors and alarms, putting us in a unique position to understand the needs of our clients and to supply the best possible products and support.

The smoke and heat test tunnels are designed for accurate testing of smoke and heat fire detectors. It is very important that fire detectors are tested during all stages of design, production and approval. They need to be sensitive enough to reliably detect fires which may present a risk to life, but not so sensitive that they raise false alarms, creating a ‘boy-who-cried-wolf’ scenario.

In most parts of the world, regulations require fire detectors to be tested to make sure that they meet certain requirements and standards. The test tunnels have become an essential part of this process, which includes the assessment of factory quality control methods.

The test tunnels feature exceptional airflow stability and test flexibility. They are computer controlled, with automated test cycles. A comprehensive software package is supplied, together with a PC interface card and flexible interfacing to fire detectors. The smoke test tunnels include a paraffin oil mist aerosol generator and a light extinction meter. The heat test tunnels include custom built heaters and fast response temperature sensors. A wide range of accessories are available.


  • 1000 Tunnels

    1000 Tunnels

    The 1000 Series Compact Fire Detector Test Tunnels are based on the same technology as the 2000 Series. They are, however, smaller, bench-top designs with control electronics integrated into the structure of the tunnel. The 1000 series test tunnels are ideally suited to performance testing to EN54-7 and EN54-5 for factory production control, but can also be used in test and R&D laboratories.

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  • 2000 Series

    2000 Series

    2000 series laboratory fire detector test tunnels are full size, floor-standing pieces of laboratory equipment. They are mainly intended for type approval testing to EN14604, EN54-7 and EN54-5, but are also ideal for fire detector R&D. The duct size permits the capability (with optional accessories) to carry out the high airspeed (gusting) type test for ionisation smoke detectors, and the high luminance (dazzle) type test for optical smoke detectors.

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  • 3000 Series

    3000 Series

    The 3000 series optical detector calibration tunnels are designed for calibrating optical smoke detectors and smoke alarms in production. They are based on the 1000 series tunnels with an additional 1m long calibration section fitted. The tunnels can be maintained at a constant aerosol concentration for calibration, and are controlled by an optical scatter smoke sensor. The main section of the 3000 series tunnels is the same as the 1000 series, so can still be used for R&D and batch sensitivity testing as required.

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  • Carbon Monoxide

    Carbon Monoxide

    Carbon monoxide alarms are becoming increasing important as awareness of the dangers of this gas become better known. Companies are developing and manufacturing carbon monoxide alarms, and test laboratories need to be able to test to EN50291-1.

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  • Tunnel FAQs

    Tunnel FAQs

    We’re more than happy to answer any questions that you might have about our test tunnels. Here are some responses to the most commonly asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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Application of test tunnels

There is growing evidence of the importance of absolute sensitivity and other performance characteristics of fire detectors. EN54-7 establishes a minimum performance level for smoke detectors with a series of standardised fire tests, and also requires that all products lie within a defined range of sensitivities. If smoke detectors are undersensitive, a fire alarm may be significantly delayed, particularly in the case of slowly developing fires that are a significant risk to life. If oversensitive, there may be an increased risk of false alarm. EN54-5 classifies heat detectors into a series of closely defined performance grades, appropriate to installation for different risks, at a range of ceiling heights, and in various environments.

The importance of maintaining output quality of has long been recognised by major fire detector manufacturers, and has been reinforced in Europe by the introduction of revised EN54 standards, harmonised under the Construction Products Directive. These require that the manufacturer must maintain a factory production control system, and ensure that the product continuously complies with the initial type test approvals. 2000 and 1000 series test tunnels are essential measurement tools, which permit these requirements to be met.

Documentation and support

AW Technology detector test tunnels are supplied with documentation that enables the client to start testing, and operate and configure their tunnel. Information is also given on the wiring of the tunnel, part numbers for spares from 3rd party suppliers (i.e. RS, Farnell) and the schematic of the main PCB. This should enable a client to maintain their tunnel into the future. The tunnels include a 12 month warranty for repairs and replacement of faulty parts. AW Technology will remain available to provide help, support and repairs if required. Commissioning and training can also be provided on-site, but this is usually not needed.

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